Achievement score & total achievements completed

Player NameLocal Achievements
Rarest Achievmenent
(others with it)
-=Valroc=- 104Preemptive Strike(2)
Larma 97Preemptive Strike(2)
Archer 95Surviving The Game(1)
S N D 90Heavy Ordnance(3)
[Insomniac] 87Skin Of Your Teeth(4)
Entity 87A New Generation(1)
Mr Spanky 85Battle Ammo(2)
Fur Ball 82Shadow Master(8)
Sn3aky 82Maximus(3)
Unagi 79There Can Be Only One(7)
S O S 77Far Out Man...(3)
HiJack 77Deep In The Shadows(9)
Emo Wolf 76Share The Love(10)
Fine Wench 75Bootcamp(6)

How does this work?

One of the neat things that LaserForce does is have achievements. You can see individual players achievements on We query the scoreboard, and it tells us two things.

  1. it gives us a huge list of all the achievements that the player has visibility of. The same list that shows up when you query your progress on the leaderboard in an arena.
  2. it gives us a number marked “Score”. We’ve worked out this number is 1000 points for each completed local and global achievement. It also takes your percentage progress to an achievement completion as a fraction of 1000. For example, if I got 99/100 on the achievement to get 100% accuracy, I’ll have an 990 extra points in my score, but wont have that achievement completed.

Because of how heavy achievements are on the Laserforce Scoreboard, we keep track of fewer players.
Want included? Email me at, all I need is your member ID in the form “7-10-1234”.
Want excluded? Same as above!