Star Quality for all known players, between 2020-11 and 2020-12

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How does this work?

Sometimes we’re not interested in the average score - It’s relatively easy for a good player to build that up playing against less skilled players. Let’s assume we want to know more about the quality of the games a player has. How do we judge that? Well, we look at 3 criteria

  1. The number of other members they played (at the moment, that’s basically anyone we know about)
  2. How well they ranked against other members
  3. How many games played

So lets say you only played 1 game against 4 other members. Including you, that’s 5 players (5)
Then lets say you came last of the members (5th place). Your star quality would be 5.
However let’s say you came second! We multiply your quality for that game by how well you did compared to everyone else:
5 divided by 2 = 2.5. We take your base of 5, and multiply it by 2.5 to get 12.5, nice!

Now, if you keep that up for the month, that will be your average Star Quality.
To work out your total, we take the average, and multiply it by the number of games.

We only regularly check up on players we know about, so if you’re new and play a lot, you might be missing!
Want included? Email me at, all I need is your member ID in the form “7-10-1234”.
Want excluded? Same as above!