Average Scores for known players, in Standard Games, between 2021-01-01 and 2020-12-01

Player NameAverage Score Missions Played
Fortnite123 11993 2
MR McSHOOTY 8731 2
Unicorn123 8101 2
Spice 3959 3
Sonic 3768 3

How does this work?

An individual player’s games are available from http://www.iplaylaserforce.com/. We query the scoreboard, and take note of the last 30 games played (ignoring things we’ve seen before)
From all the games seen, we can then calculate the average score for a player.

We only regularly check up on players we know about, so if you’re new and play a lot, you might be missing!
Want included? Email me at LaserForceStats@ctri.co.uk, all I need is your member ID in the form “7-9-1234”.
Want excluded? Same as above!