This Website

This site is dedicated to providing meaningful scoreboard information about the players of LaserForce at my local arena.

LaserForce is a brand of laser-tag found in many different countries around the world. One of the cool out-of-game features that it offers is a scoreboard on its website.

This is a great view for seeing your all-time averages, achievement progresses, and how well you’ve done in recent games.

However, it doesn’t provide any information about month-to-month rankings.

To make that information available to myself and my friends, I set about creating a series of scripts that would read player information from the scoreboard and process it in certain ways to generate pertinent metrics not currently available, and do so without putting regular and heavy burden on the I Play Laserforce scoreboard.


I played my first game of Laser Tag in 1997, setting up a regular (monthly) youth group outing in 2001. When old enough and circumstances allowed, I started attending the members nights in 2005.

Come 2009, I and my friends travelled to England to take part in our first ever multi-arena, multi-system tournament called UK Armageddon. This would be my first introduction to the Laser Force hardware and tournament format.

I have played consistently over the years, and with the help of my friends and teammates, we achieved victory in the competition in 2015.

In 2018 when a new Laser Force arena opened locally, we began playing regularly. We have since built a small community of regular players who enjoy playing, with the assistance of the arena management.